1.Has Jaypee Greens got  occupancy certificate for any tower?  and how many people got Registration done by NOIDA AUTHORITY? Photo copies if possible to satisfy us.

2.After getting clearance from the OKHLA BIRD  SANCTURY  how many deals matured?

3.Who is the contractor now in place of L&Tand construction srarted at what sites. Also let me know the contractor of various projects.

4.What is the status of ORCHARD TOWER? when it was launched  and what is status of tower 3? My friend had booked in this and he wants to know the status. he had booked in 2012.

5.Which is the most favorite tower among investors and why?.As far as I know PAVILION COURT  is the first Project which was offered for possession.What is the current status? How many families moved in and where?

6.How many ready to move in options are there and at what rate,(complete details)They are on resale or sale from the builder.

7.does your services include legal advice.

8.We have been watching various property shows on TV channels why jaypee has never been invited by any channel.